CM Engineering Consultants (CMECS) is founded and managed by Chris Magadia, CEng, MIStructE, CPEng, MIPENZ, PRC CE(84079). The firm provide specialist structural and earthquake engineering services to the built and design environment. Value engineering is at the core of our services regardless of the size and cost of the project. Our team’s collective experience locally and abroad gives CMECS the edge to get the work done the first time on time and within budget.

We at CMECS have the expertise of a global brand and the knowledge of a locally based consultants. Our culture is to provide value engineered and efficient design solutions to our Clients. We value our good working relationship with our Clients. We do this by reviewing our resources before committing to any work. This is to ensure that we deliver the product and services as guaranteed for a repeat business.

We are proud to provide the most cost-effective and practical engineering solutions to any type of buildings and related structures.

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Our Project Team

Each project is headed by a Director who takes responsibility for establishing the design, resourcing and maintaining project progress. All our senior staffs have a background in both design and construction and a keen interest in architecture and the environment. Our People understand that CMECS’s work is part of a team effort directed towards the optimum built project.

Our graduate staffs are recruited from reputable universities and their professional development is continually monitored.

Our Management & Design of Projects

We develop strong working relationship with our Clients, co-professionals and Contractors. We are strong team members, sharing in the development of the principles that inform each project of its initial stages and providing timely information, analyses and details as the project progresses.

Our reputation for imaginative and workman-like design is based on the way that our ideas translate into construction and use. At the core of our work is commitment to the development of buildings that use energy responsibly and contribute to our goals for sustainable development.

CMECS Management and Design of Projects

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Our approach to working in project teams is often one where we evolve, in sketch and in conversation, a series of basic templates against which strategies can be costed and valued. It is a highly iterative process and teases out a reaction from the Client and generates, through a common understanding, first the strategic brief and then, as the design takes shape, the detailed brief. Within this process are a series of sub-routines where structural and services solutions are explored and tested against the brief. Often solutions emerge, unlocking the potential of the collective thinking and delivering exceptional results.

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    Concept and Schematic Design

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    Detailed Design

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